Press Release on the Aggressive Announcement by the Municipal Authority aimed at the Political Groups and the Parents and Guardians’ Associations

Two years ago, when our group first wrote about a ‘democratic deficit,’ we were considered harsh. Now that the political behaviour of the Municipality has worsened—as it has been showing aggressiveness and a disposition towards excluding not only political groups but associations as well—there is no longer any doubt. A course that began in a spirit of cooperation and was transformed into one of swearing, stifling, a politicisation of our lives and, more recently, falsities honours no one. Along with the hammers constructing the drainage system, the Mayor is aiming to dig up the battle axes—but we shall not follow.

We would like to make it clear that our supposed collaboration with the Major Opposition group is confined to submitting joint petitions, in order that these may find their way—institutionally—towards discussion at Municipal Council Meetings; this, in fact, would have been avoided had the numerous petitions of our group, Menoume Antiparo, not been stuffed into drawers at City Hall, concerning issues that are in the interest of the general public and the improvement of our everyday lives.

The announcement made by the Municipal Authority, a failed inspiration on the part of some imaginative text writer, discovered the architects of the catastrophe in our faces. Excess, however, lies at a very short distance from vulgarity. It would be good if we were all careful in our public statements during the crucial period to come.

– Menoume Antiparo

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